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"I Watched 100+ YouTube SEO Video Tutorials From Top SEO Experts To Create This Step By Step  Checklist Of Tips That Move The Needle!"

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Step By Step YouTube SEO Checklist! 
... To Drive Targeted Traffic From YouTube!

New and updated for 2021. The YouTube SEO checklist is an interactive Chrome extension checklist tool, that you can score your progress with an easy-to-use interface. If you had the previous version installed, please replace with this version, as it's on a new Chrome web store URL and has been rebuilt from scratch.


Strategies and Tips That Work Today (2021)

... Even If You Know Nothing About SEO!

This checklist contains methods and steps that are designed to trigger the YouTube Algorithms For YouTube Search, YouTube Suggested and Recommended Videos Optimization and Google Search.
You Will NOT Find Some Of These Tips Anywhere Else


Tips Taken From Top YouTube SEO Experts
... No Guesswork Or Theory, These Experts Drive 10s Of Thousands Of Views To Every Video (Often More)

To create this version of the YouTube SEO checklist, I watched over 100 video Tutorials from Top SEO Experts, Including Brian Dean. Ahrefs, Neil Patel and More, 'Cherry Picking' The Best Tips For Each Section From Pre-Upload and Planning, Optimizing In The YouTube Platform and Through To Promoting Your New Video Effectively.


Including New Tips and Methods Not Widely Shared Previously
... Be The First To Discover NEW YouTube SEO Tips That Work!

In this checklist, you will find tips and strategies not found anywhere else, including some of my own tips that are proven to work, that even the experts are not yet aware of. All tips and strategies are white-hat methods.


Is Your YouTube SEO Out Of Date? Find Out Instantly, Its FREE
... If You Can Follow Steps You Can Make This Work For You !

This YouTube SEO Checklist has new methods for 2021 and will be updated twice a year. There are new methods in this version that you are likely not aware of, check it out, it's to the point, no-fluff, and it's free.

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Here's a Sample Of Just Some Things You Will Learn...

  •  Discover The ONE thing that all top YouTube creators have in common when creating new videos
  •  The secret 2-minute YouTube algorithm hack to rank for multiple keywords (Works Every Time!)
  •  The simple headline formula used by top YouTube creators, to increase CTR and get more views
  •  A simple hack used, to optimize the first three lines of your description to increase retention time
  • How to create & use playlists strategically (for each video you upload) to take advantage of the most powerful on-page SEO ranking factor on YouTube.
  • The 3 things you must have to increase your chances of ranking on the Google search results carousel
  • Three 'non-spammy' YouTube video embed strategies to drive targeted traffic to your video.
  • A simple traffic hack that can trigger multiple YouTube algorithms, and all you have to do is switch it on.
  • Recommended tools and resources (Free and Paid) including all-in-title competition scraper, YouTube spy tools, an on-page YouTube SEO optimizer, tool to check which keywords have videos ranking on Google, tools to check YouTube video rankings on 3 search engines and more.


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