YouTube Ads
DFY Ad Campaign Software Bundle

Done-For-You Ad Campaign Tools

No need to learn how to do YouTube ads, as i have done the campaigns for you built right into a software.

DFY In-Feed Ad Campaign Tool

In Feed ads are great when used properly and at the right time,
You'll learn all about using them within the system, and be able to deploy campaigns fast with this tool

DFY In-Stream Ad Campaign Tool

Learn how to build traffic fast with In-Stream ads which essentially is going to build your audiences that you can tap into on demand. 
All made easier with this done-for-you campaign tool, just fill in the blanks and click start.

DFY Video Action Ads Campaign Tool

The new type of YouTube video ads are here and these are a bit more tricky for beginners to understand, but i have automated large parts of it with this new tool and again you just fill in the blanks

Here's what’s in the training

Let Me take You By the Hand With This EASY 6 Step-by-Step System


Module 1: Mindset (Yes, It WILL Work For You)

The number one question people have when presented with an opportunity like this is "will it work for me?" In this brief module, I will address this and general mindset and explain why this WILL work for you if you just follow the simple steps.


Module 2: Research & Goals (80% Of The Success)

Get this part right and everything falls into place. I will provide you with some rules in this module on what to research, the data we need to get and creating your first video advert.


Module 3: Targeting (And landing page) Prep

After research, we start finding targeting opportunities and create our first landing page


Module 4: Turn On The Traffic

This is the easiest part, we simply switch it on using our DFY campaign tools, and we split test to get the best performing options. It's made really simple with our tools.


Module 5: Build & Multiply Your Audiences

Your audiences start to grow as soon as you start driving traffic., here we look at building them correctly with horizontal audience building.


Module 6: Put It On Autopilot

Now you have got traffic, and continue to get traffic daily, all we need to do is put it on autopilot to grow your audience's hands free and without risk

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