Safe Fiverr Gigs For Core SEO Backlinks

Improve Your New Website SEO With These SAFE Fiverr SEO Core Backlink Gigs

When you create a new website or blog one of the first things you should do is start to build some core backlinks.
We can be strategic with this but there are a couple of base rules to work to that keeps this safe, sensible and helpful to drive traffic long term to your new site.

  • Links From Authority Sites That Are Normal Content Syndication And Don't Look Spammy
  • Increases The Number Of Referring Domains
  • Can Increase Traffic To Your Website Long term

Watch The Short Video Below

Top 5 Gigs

Publish your first blog post with a video and featured image then order the first 4 gigs to boost your backlink profile safely. 

The 5th gig should be done before creating any content and add your RSS feed to onlywire for complete automation

That's all i will add here for now guys.
i will a full blog post with additional videos and in depth analysis of these and other Fiverr services on a new post over at

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