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First Steps:

Register For Chrome Store Developers Console

  • You will need to register for Chrome Store developers account here
  • It Costs $5.00 One Time to register
  • You can install up to 20 live chrome extensions in your account

Add Some Integrations (That You Want To Use)

  • Integrate with An Email Service Provider (i Recommend Sendfox)
  • Integrate Twilio Pro Account If You Want To Use The LeadBlasta SMS Marketing Platform.
  • You need Twilio Account SID, Twilio Auth Token and a Twilio Phone Number
  • You can send both broadcast messages and drip feed sequences (like autoresponder messages) with the SMS marketing platform. 

Webinar Registration:

There will be regular webinars, register once and you are registered for all within the series

Training and Tutorials

New 3-Step Start To Finish Set Up (3 Videos)

1. Set Up - 2. Add To Chrome Store - 3. Optimize Chrome Store Listing

Video 3 Coming Up With Content Optimization Template

New 3-Step Start To Finish Set Up (3 Videos))

Video 3 Coming (How To Optimize The Chrome Store Listing & A Skeleton Template)


How To Pick a Winning Topic

I have covered this in a lot of detail as its the most important aspect of creating your lead magnets.

Below are some suggestions and strategies that you may use to help discover topics that will generate interest based on whats already driving traffic for other peoples content..

You do not need to do all of these, or even watch all of these.

How To Use LeadBlasta

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