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Hey Guys

So the Coronavirus has dramatically changed everything in a very short space of time. 

Were either stuck at home or you're one of the brave souls who are risking your life daily providing essential services'

As of now for most of us, we have time on our hands right?

So here's an idea i came up with to help keep things ticking along.

I have been working for several weeks on a new traffic and affiliate marketing system, and i was going to record this course anyway.

In this system you are going to learn how to do the following

The Step By Step System

  • Find an offer to promote
  • create a lead magnet to fit the audience that would be interested in this offer
  • set up a squeeze page (i will create a template that you can use by importing into your own website)
  • Create a series of videos related to the product (we will use two types of content for these videos. You Do NOT Want to miss this part, its crucial!)
  • optimize our videos with VERY specific tactics (this stuff is NOT taught by anyone else!)
  • drive traffic to our videos at the cost of ONE dollar per day (you can run just one per day or many per day, depends on your budget but this will work for you either way, its just the speed of success thats determined by budget)
  • The video views will not cost more than 2 cents per video view -  but mostly will be for one cent per video view!
  • use the video traffic to build email optins
  • The video views from the ads will increase watch time and get the video to rank
  • use autoresponder to send an email per day with very specific content
  • add some extra optimization for the YouTube description so that all videos in the series will be linked to (optional automation option for this)
  • use Video Views and autoresponder traffic To Rank The Squeeze page
  • get people to share our content to drive more traffic and optins
  • start making affiliate commissions
  • at the end we will review, revise and discuss what we learned

More Details For The D-Day Traffic System Challenge

As you can see this is quite a comprehensive course and its going to take around 20 to 25 videos, which we will drip feed each day by email.

I was going to charge $197.00 for it.
However as we are all in this situation together what i will do instead if offer the course as a challenge and you can follow along.

Now i will be using some of my tools, and i will not be giving my premium tools away for free.


I will give you interactive chrome extension checklists, and i will give you a one site license for WordPress Alpha (if you haven't claimed a free  one already)
Anyway, i will show you the manual way to do the stuff that my tools do too.

If you want to purchase any tool you see being used we can do that with limited time discounts throughout the course.

However, you will have enough between the checklists and WordPress alpha free site license to do whats needed, its just a bit more work to do manually.

is that fair?

Ok so i will also be recommending some other tools too as we go along too.

What i will recommend is stuff i actually use myself too, and that i will be using during this challenge.

  • For example i highly recommend a superb email marketing platform that costs under 50 bucks for lifetime and you don't need any complicated SMTP set up. 
    It's owned by the same people that own appsumo and buzzsumo, and that 50 bucks gets you up to 5000 subscribers, while you can stack orders for 5000 more subscribers every 50- bucks spent.
    Previously, i used aweber and paid almost $200 per month, and this is better for open rates and i only paid one time ever!
    For $200 bucks spent with this app you get up to 20,000 subscribers for one time cost lifetime.
    Superb deal, superb product!
  • I will be recommending a fantastic app that helps you create links to add REAL email addresses to your optin list without them needing to double verify. That's a win win situation for you as they often wont go back and confirm and at the same time is a time saver for the user who wants your lead magnet without leaving the page.
  • Plus i highly recommend this app for adding multiple retargeting pixels to any of your links but it will do so for multiple platforms at one time including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Quora, Pinterest and more all in one link!
    We may do an advanced version of this course later and test these platforms for low cost ads as we add strategies for them as new AdBlasta plugins.
  • I will also be recommending this special offer deal from Matt for three very cool WordPress Affiliate plugins that i bought individually at a significantly higher cost. Today you can get all three of the affiliate plugins for just $17.00 (just over 5 bucks each). NOTE* This one is time sensitive and the offer is only valid for 3 or 4 days i believe.

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